Sending jchem forXL files to biologists, best way to export

User 016b2a11f4

18-06-2013 18:57:50

What is the best way to send  jchem for XL files to biologists who try to open the file with plain vanilla XL? Is there any way to export a jchem for XL file where the structures are some type of pict objects. My biologists do not care about "live" structures and do not want to intall an unlicensed jchem for xl as a reader. When I was using Accord for Excel opening the chemistry enabled spreadsheet with plain vanilla Excel gave the structures as pict oblects and my biologists were happy,

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

18-06-2013 19:04:59

The simplest way to do that is:

converting the live (fast) structures to static images.

Afterwards they can be converted back in the same way:

After thousands of structure it may take time ... Shapes(images) are pretty slow natively by Microsoft.