J4X Error

User 8139ea8dbd

29-05-2013 19:26:11

Uninstall and install the latest version (, got this error when starting Excel (platform, Win7 x64 + Excel 2010)


ChemAxon eb65a25631

30-05-2013 08:58:54


Which version of Excel 2010 do you use (File/Help: 'About Microsoft Excel, Version:' )
Could you send a scrceenshot of File/Options/Trust Center/Trust Center Settings:
- Trusted Publishers
- Add-ins
- Macro Settings

I would ask for some help in the investigation. In Excel please:
- press Alt+F11
- On the upper left corner (double) click on JCFunctions.
- enter the password <sent you an email>
- open 'Modules'
- double click on 'JchemFunctionDescriptionsModule'
- Click 'Run Macro' on the toolbar.
- Please send us where the execution interrupted.


User 8139ea8dbd

30-05-2013 15:41:04

Did not see JCFunction.