#NAME? appears when importing sd file in JChem for Excel

User b8f31290e7

04-02-2013 19:16:50

When I import an sd file into JChem for Excel the string #NAME? appears in the cell along with the structures.  Please advise how to correct this.

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

04-02-2013 19:21:58

Hi, please let us know a version mumber?


User b8f31290e7

04-02-2013 19:25:57

version  Thank you

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

04-02-2013 20:03:54

Please try out this:


We managed to introduce a workaround to this (Micrososft) issue:

http://www.chemaxon.com/jchem4excel/changes/changes.html#V113 please see it in the release notes.

JChem for Excel 5.11.5 (906)


User b8f31290e7

05-02-2013 12:17:50

Reinstallation worked.  Thank you Viktor

User b8f31290e7

30-06-2014 19:30:57

When exporting data from IJC or importing an sdfile in JChem for Excel #NAME? is still appearing in with the structure.  I am on Windows7 and have JChem for Excel verison

ChemAxon bd13b5bd77

30-06-2014 20:05:32

Hi Mark,

thanks for short meeting, Automation functions are available in the Office menu / Addins / Excel-addins / Go.

Since 6.1 we have had two functions:

the #Name is caused by the JChemExcel function mostly if it is not checked/piped among automations.


we did on the screen share meeting.

This is tha way how Microsoft recommend for the users to customize their Excel addin functions.