How to unable the JChem add-in in Exel?

User 5ecc144403

10-01-2013 20:12:11

Hi, I am having problems with JChem for excel.
Excel bugged while I was copying and pasting structures using JChem, and the
add-in never came back when I re-opened the program. I have un-installed and
re-installed several versions of JChem and even re-installed Excel but the add
in never came back. I am using JChem



PS: Please find in attachement a few screenshot of the add-in options of Excel, in a word document.


ChemAxon eb65a25631

11-01-2013 11:12:49



You should also make sure tto remove the JchemExcel addin from the disabled addins.

To do this:

- go Options, Add-Ins

- select Manage: Disabled Items, Go

- select the JChemExcel addin, and press Enable.


And now you can check it on the Com Add-Ins dialog:




User 5ecc144403

11-01-2013 15:55:35

Hi Acovak, thanks for your help. it is now working.