License Problem

User 820e1cd6b2

11-07-2011 19:30:20


Whenever I run the new MCES search, I get the following error message:

chemaxon.license.LicenseException: No valid license has been found.
Product name: MCES
License path: /home/user/.chemaxon/license.cxl
Please contact sales _at_ to obtain the corresponding license.
Students and academic researchers are entitled of free use
through our Academic Package, for more information
please visit:

I am only getting this problem when running the MCES search.

I have a valid license file, which I have placed in the .chemxon directory in my home (/home/user/.chemaxon/license.cxl). I am using Jchem version 5.4.

Thanks and best regards

ChemAxon 4a2fc68cd1

15-07-2011 12:42:45


It seems that your license file is not up-to-date. You should have <License> entry in your license file containing the following line:

<Field Name="Software" Value="MCES"/>

This is a relatively new entry and you may have an older license file that does not contain this.

You should contact sales _at_ for checking your license.

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