download chemaxon package and class

User 8fbca62edf

02-05-2011 12:54:51

Hello, please i would like to download chemaxon packages and classes related to descriptors and fingerprints.

please i need to know where i canĀ  find this.

ChemAxon efa1591b5a

03-05-2011 19:49:53


you have to download the complete JChem package, I'm afraid. Our tools/products are not distributed as separate packages, only as part of the entire JChem suite. To download the most recent version please visit our download page.

Btw, may I ask you to fill in your profile (contact details, affiliation etc) properly? We will appreciate that, thank you.


User 8fbca62edf

04-05-2011 14:40:59

thans mvargyas for your answer but please i would like to compile some java file with eclipse and i need other classes of the chemaxon package like chemaxon.descriptor

ChemAxon efa1591b5a

10-05-2011 22:16:56

The jchem download (see link in previous post) contains all packages.