Deploy LibMCS results on a webpage

User 8da364dcbc

15-07-2010 21:04:46

Dear Support,

I want to deploy the results of clustering using the libMCS program on a web page. Since this job takes a long time I don't want to have people redo it everytime they want to see the results. I was wondering if the results could be deployed as a web applet? I found an example of the applet version of LibMCS in the online tryouts but it did not work on my browser. Anyway, please let me know if this is possible.


Kaushik Raha


ChemAxon e274e1bada

16-07-2010 13:31:31

I moved this topic to the appropriate foum. The experts will respond soon.

Regards, Edvard

ChemAxon efa1591b5a

19-07-2010 12:41:22

Dear Kaushik Raha,

I'm afraid that the current implementation of LibMCS does not enable the desired deployment. However, we recognised the need for this kind of usage scenario (do calculation ones and displayed results when clustering has been accomplished, perhaps visualisation is repeated and results are viewed elsewhere by peers etc.) so we have been working on a server based approach which will be released in next major release 5.4 (Q4 2010).

We've also been considering a SOA based solution.

Regarding visualisation, the applet based solution has been discontinued, the next release will not rely on applets to provide web-based visualisation (and thus it will be somewhat simpler than current LibMCS GUI).

I am very open to learn your requirements. What would be the most convenient solution for you and for your team? An Applet, or that just came onto your radar as a potential solution but that's not the ultimate one?


Kind regards,


User 8da364dcbc

21-07-2010 15:13:59

Hi Miklos,

Thank you for your reply. I look forward to server based approach for deployment of LibMCS results. I find the depiction and layout of the results from LibMCS to be very useful (e.g., property distribution with cluster size) and would like to share the results on a webpage with my peers and other members of the discovery team. The reason I favor web deployment, besides the fact that the calcuation doesn't have to be redone just to see the resutls, is because I think it reduces the communication barriers most efficiently. There is no new software to download or learn how to use and people don't have to keep track of different files. Information can be managed much more easily. So yes, I would really like to see a way of deploying results from not just LibMCS but other ChemAxon tecnology as well. I figured since these look like java applications it should be possible. But a server-based approach also works fine as long as simple manipulation of the data (e.g., sorting columns etc.,) are also working.



ChemAxon efa1591b5a

31-03-2011 10:21:12

Dear Kaushik,

We have made some progress with the clustering server. A web based interface interface is available at that you may wish to try. Please note, that it provides very basic functionality and a the visualization is not as mature as in LibMCS.

All feedback, comments, suggestions are welcome.