User 395dcbd010

20-12-2007 20:32:37

Dear Colleagues I have several questions about LibraryMCS (V 3.2.12)

-Can I use hierarchical clustering to estimate molecular diversity in a dataset ?

- How could I copy paste the dendogram to a word document or save it in a compatible format to add it?

- What reference should I use to quote the program in a manuscript?



ChemAxon efa1591b5a

07-01-2008 10:45:20

Dear Rolando,

apologies for not coming to you sooner...

- No diversity score is calculated by the algorithm at present. One possible way is to export top level structures or perhaps the entire hierarchy in a molecular structure file and use that in your own program to assess similarity/diversity.

- The dendogram can only be captured as screen snapshot at the moment.

- Regarding reference please read the corresponding forum post at