Custom Metric (2)

User 71f9fd1282

14-09-2004 09:30:23

I modified the cfp.xml file and copied it in the jsp1_x folder (i am starting this later in the browser) as "screenconfig.xml". I modified it and now it looks like this ( I also want to use Tanimoto score):



<ParametrizedMetric Name="Tanimoto" ActiveFamily="Generic"

Metric="Tanimoto" Threshold="0.2"/>



<Metric Name="MyMetric" ActiveFamily="Generic"

Metric="MyMetric" Threshold="0.2" />



What else must I do now? How is the metric defined? Which modification in are necessary?

Thanks until now.

Florian Pitschi

ChemAxon efa1591b5a

14-09-2004 11:33:34

I guess this is a duplicate post, see response at