JChemSearch getProgressMessage messages

User 0261d34ad7

19-03-2012 14:09:50


I have a simple question about theĀ getProgressMessage method on JChemSearch. Is someone at ChemAxon able to provide a list of the different messages that may be returned, and what they mean?

We're working on a dynamic reporting mechanism for our search system and it would help to know what to expect.



ChemAxon fb166edcbd

21-03-2012 13:46:20

Here is the message list:

Loading cache
Searching finished.
Similarity search.
ComprehensiveĀ  search.
Molecular Descriptor screening
An error occured during ABAS
An error occured during Similarity calculation.
An error occured during query.
Collecting id numbers.
Collecting fingerprints.
Searching finished.

User 0261d34ad7

27-03-2012 10:19:19

Great, thanks!