R-group attachment to a ring structure

User 42f208ce8e

20-08-2011 12:21:24


I am trying to draw a markush structure as attached in the file.  It displays an error while enumeration. Could some one help me in doing this.

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ChemAxon a3d59b832c

22-08-2011 09:19:19

Dear Yogitha,


The problem is that the R-groups in the scaffold both have 2 connections, and the definitions all have only 1 attachment point. This is also why Marvin sketch draws the number denoting the R-groups' second connection with a red circle: it warns about the problems in the attachment points.

Please add the second attachment point to the definitions and that will fix both the coloring and the enumeration.





In Marvin 5.6, we are also planning to introduce a new Structure checker in Marvin that can point to R-group attachment point errors more specifically during editing.


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User 42f208ce8e

22-08-2011 10:33:27

Dear Szabolcs,

Thanks for the reply. It is really helpful. Now I could enumerate this molecule.

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