Substituient is attached to two points of the molecule

User 2b68687bb8

11-12-2009 21:54:52


I have a short question, perhaps you could help me:

I am doing markush enumeration to generate sets of molecules and I am very happy with it.

But a problem arose, I have a benzene ring with two susbtituients, R1 and R2 in consecutive positions. R1 and R2 can be Cl, Br, I, etc and this is not a problem, but I need in one of the cases a substituent which is something like -CH2-CH=CH-CH2- o it has two connection points and when used with the benzene ring, it generates naphthalene.

Could you tell me how or where can I find information in these cases ?


ChemAxon a3d59b832c

12-12-2009 14:29:33

Hi Horacio,

We currently do not support a bridged definition of R1 and R2, but fortunately there are multiple alternative representations. Please find attached two potential ones.


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