R groups forming ring system

User 20757c93f1

25-08-2009 08:35:42


How to define two R-groups that may form a ring together with the atom they are connected to?

Please  have a look at the attachment for an illustration of the problem.

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ChemAxon a3d59b832c

25-08-2009 09:35:29

Hi Torsten,

Thank you for the example. I formulated this claim in the attached Markush structure.

Currently it is only possible through introduction of a new R-group (R10) in place of the larger group to be forming the ring, and provide two alternative definitions - one with forming a ring and one where R1 and R2 are separate.

The ring is a variable sized one and includes three R3 substituents on any position. For R3 I included H definition as well to represent the unsubstituted case.

In the future we would like to introduce a direct, bridging definition of multiple R-groups, but
its representation is not fixed yet.


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