User Experience - Return No Hits Information Dialog

User c1ce6b3d19

28-11-2012 23:42:10

When I run a query from a form I can get a Query returned no hits Information Dialog.  When I run the same query from the Query Builder, there is no Information Dialog.  



Create a Form backed by a structure table.  

Add the Cd_id field.  

Enter Query Mode.  Enter "= ThisDoesNotExist" in the cd_id field.  

Hit Run Query.  The Information Dialog shows.

Open the Query Builder window and run the same query.  The Information Dialog does not show. 



ChemAxon e189db4705

29-11-2012 01:56:46

Hi Jon,

I can confirm I see this inconsistency. We will look at it.

Thank much you for reporting these issues to us. This feedback is really useful for us.