Custom Widget Settings

User 42f208ce8e

19-11-2012 07:18:54


I have a structure filed on IJC form with molecule pane widget .  I changed the Widget setting  "number of columns" to 2.

The structure widget has 2 colums in it  after changing the column size . I would like to bring back the column size to one, but r-click menu options on strucutre widget does not appear.  I can only see those option by navigating through data menu > custom widget settings.

I have changed the colum size to one,  going through data menu > custom widget settings. The column size of structure widget changes to one, but still the r-click menu options on strucuture widget doe not appear. They are only visible after closing and reopening the form.

Is this a bug or an expected behaviour? Please suggest.






ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

20-11-2012 06:56:05

Hi, this is definitely not expected behaviour. You can also edit widget properties by using "Customize Widget Settings" toolbar button.

Thanks for letting us know.


ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

24-05-2014 14:03:07

This is solved in IJC 6.3.