ChEMBL Database MySQL or Oracle DB

User f7fd3e897c

08-11-2012 09:35:46

I am really interested to know how to access the ChEMBL db from the following link through Instant JChem

MySQL or Oracle files are required inorder to have a proper search query!

Infact there is a SDF file, but there are issues while searching compounds

So, please let me know the best method to integrate mySQL or Oracle database file with IJC.

Note: Do I need to install Oracle or MySQL softwares in order to make the files from ChEMBAL db to work?

ChemAxon 60ee1f1328

08-11-2012 10:38:04

They have delivered there data in several ways. Your options are :

1. Collect all the SDF files in one place and use this script (Oracle or Mysql): If you use this way you probs have to define your own db objects.

2. Collect all the .dmp files and use Oracle import function, one at a time or script the calls (Oracle only). I suspect you will be prescribed your object structures in this and the next case.

3. mysql, you could try this one.


OK - good luck, I not tried to process this whole set before, please tell us how you get on !