Relationship between Markush table & Sructure table

User 42f208ce8e

20-10-2012 08:04:52


I have two tables. a. Markush Table & b. Structure table, both the tables have one common field (patent number). I need to relate these two tables. Could someone help me with this?

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ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

22-10-2012 13:32:55

Hi Yoghita,

you need to do several steps. There is nice tutorial which shows how to create a simple relationship between two tables:

In short you need to have promoted tables as entities before you do these steps:

1. In schema editor -> Entities tab create a new Simple relationship wich bounds two tables with that patent number field.
2. Create the datatree from the table you want to have as parent (main table).
3.  Go to Datatrees tab -> r-click on the datatree -> choose New Edge...
4. In the dialog choose the relationship you crated in the step #1.
5. Continue with form creation to visualize a data from the 2 tables you mention.

Hope it helps.