Cannot see schema in the project.

User 9aa4619393

22-08-2012 14:30:08


one of our users has a problem with  his project.  He cannot see the schema anymore, it's just blank - see screenshot attached. He said the last thing he did was exporting data to SDF. The project folder is about 20 MB, so I think the data is still there. Any idea what could be the reason and how we can fix it?

It's a local database, and he is using IJC 5.9.



ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

22-08-2012 16:03:06

Hi Anna,

I don´t know why he cannot see any entities. Perhaps database is broken in some way? Please try to connect  by Window->Other->Services and create a new DB connection to a Derby DB with Database: like C:\Users\Filip\Documents\IJCProjects\ijc-project\.config\localdb\db . Also can you please send us (append here if possible ) IJC log file. It might shed some light on what's going on there.




P.S. Here is how to use IJC database explorer:

User 9aa4619393

23-08-2012 07:16:55

Hi Filip,

Thanks for your answer. It's telling me it cannot establish the connection (see screenshot).



ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

23-08-2012 09:35:40

Hi Anna,

I'm sorry, still not know how to fix it. It looks that local DB is somehow corrupted. The best would be if you could send me ([email protected]) the project directory in packed zip file. We could then try to restore it. Of course only if it is possible, there are some other suggestions bellow. Another thing you can do is to send us IJC log file after you tried to open the project. View->Instant JChem log file->r-click;Save As... menu item. Also db folder (projectDIR\.config\localdb\db) should contain file; log and seq0 folders.

One more thing I have in mind is if it has proper permissions(at least reading granted) to all project/db files.



ChemAxon fa971619eb

23-08-2012 13:24:34

We looked at this offline. The cause was that two files had been deleted (relative to the project dir):


Its not clear how they were deleted, but once restored the IJC schema opens fine.

A note to all users: make sure you have backups of your local databases otherwise you are at risk of loosing your data if disater strikes!