Blank Grid and Form views

User 9aa4619393

17-08-2012 09:13:17

Hi all,

I have created a new project with IJC 5.9. The tables are in Oracle. I have a table containing structures as molfiles:

desc scaffold_molfile
Name     Null     Type         
-------- -------- ------------
MOLFILE           CLOB         
XXXXID          VARCHAR2(12)

I indexed the molfile column using the Jchem cartridge.

I connected IJC to the Oracle schema, no error messages. I then promoted the scaffold_molfile table to entity. No error messages. When I create views on this table however the whole view is blank, either grid or form (see screenshot attached) .

IJC displays the right number of rows at the bottom. I tried deleting recreating the view, closing reopening IJC.

I also promoted another table containing data (no molfiles) and there I don't have any problems displaying the data.

Any idea what could be wrong?



User 9aa4619393

17-08-2012 10:27:48

Hi again,

I think I have figured it out: the scaffold table contains markush structures. I had made a mistake creating the index with the option structureType=molecules. I dropped it and recreated it,  with structureType=markush. This time when I promoted the table to entity it recognized the content as "markush libraries" instead of molecules, and it's displaying correctly.



ChemAxon 60ee1f1328

17-08-2012 11:11:55

That's good.

Our first guesses here were that it might be do to with entity type / data or a pk column issue (like non-unique vals).

Thanks for the info guess 1 was closer !