how to make all structures of same size?

User 247c00dc1d

26-07-2012 07:24:16


how to make all structures of same size?

at the moment  the size of structure depend of free space in the cell - if molecule is small it increased, and conversely.

how can I make all structures (bond length) with fixed size?



ChemAxon 60ee1f1328

26-07-2012 14:01:15

Hi Igorlab,

The default behaviour is for each molecule to use the available area of the Marvin pane irrespetive of the size.

As you can see from this screenshot the bond lengths are essentially constant yet the smaller molecule is effectively zoomed into. I think this topic might belong in the Marvin forum as a question or "new feature request ".

We cannot see a way to configure this currently in IJC, perhaps the Marvin team can comment please.



User 247c00dc1d

30-07-2012 10:05:16

Thanks for the answer Daniel, but maybe it possible to make all structures of same size at least when a sdf-file unloading?

ChemAxon 60ee1f1328

30-07-2012 11:13:10

Hi Igor,

Could you please expand on what you mean by "sdf unloading" ?

If you double click on any particular strucure and open Marvin, you can use view zoom in / out in order to see the details better for large molecules - this setting is permanent and will apply to any other structures you select.


A sort of half way there answer to your need !



ChemAxon 5433b8e56b

01-08-2012 09:55:39


I have posted my comments to the related forum topic here: