Instant JChem on multiple computers

User 2225b9a678

11-07-2012 15:07:46

I had been working on a database on one computer however when this computer crashed (i had backed up the files) i tried to load it on another computer with Instant JChem. 

A window pops up saying  "Schema Initialization" asking for Local DB username and password

I did not set this up on the previouse computer and cannot access the data. Please let me know how to access the database. there is a lot of valuble information in it



ChemAxon aa7c50abf8

11-07-2012 16:05:54

I have moved this post to the appropriate forum.


ChemAxon 60ee1f1328

11-07-2012 16:13:52


Sorry to hear of your crash...your project should be openable from your back up...If you did not set up a security policy for your database then it is strange that you should see that pop up.

However in the meantime we would like to ensure that you can access your data.

Assuming you have used a derby RDBMS you should be able to connect to it and if needed recover.

Please see the page below, which gives some initial advice on accessing with IJ.

Once connected you should be able to exec SQL against your tables.



ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

11-07-2012 19:18:10

You could also try simple admin/admin credentials. This might work if simple security filter was set by accident.