InstantJChem installation problem

User d4e43202ac

27-06-2012 18:50:42

I am trying to install InstantJChem on a machine running 64-bit Ubuntu 10.4.  I get an error that

.../jogl-all-natives-linux-i8-586.jar cannot be created.

In the terminal window where I started the installation process it says:

invalid entry size (expected 131840 but got 131842).  Suggestions?



ChemAxon 3b366b17e5

28-06-2012 15:03:19

It works fine for me on 64bit linux Mint 13. Did you download InstantJchem installer for 64bit linux?

User d4e43202ac

28-06-2012 16:09:26


ChemAxon 37bb34e128

29-06-2012 07:57:14


I tested the installer on my 64bit Ubuntu 11.04 and the installer worked ok. Could you please try to download the installer again?