Overlap analysis in IJC 5.10

User e05b1833aa

27-06-2012 10:35:18


I just upgraded to IJC 5.10 and performed a few overlap analysis. I noted that the Overlap Count is no longer reported or added to the query table. This is annoying because this used to be a searchable field, whereas the Overlap Hits are not . So now the result is no longer searchable or sortable.

The information appears to be there though because the Overlap Count columns can be exported, but not made visible through Cutomize widget settings, unless one adds them through Modify Fields.

Is this meant to work like this? I feel it is better to report the Overlap Count in the query tableĀ  and leave it up to the user what to do with it.

Please fix if you can reproduce this!

ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

27-06-2012 14:49:25

Hi, your issue is probably that the Overlap count column is not visible in Table widget by default. Please go to Table widget menu(press "..." in the top-left corner) and choose Open Column Manager menu item. Column Manager dialog will be opened. Now select the Overlap count column and make it visible in the table. The field should be automatically added as visible in grid view, but must be added manually in Table widget.

We are sorry for this inconvenient change of behaviour.

Thank you for your comment.

ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

05-12-2012 11:46:57

Hi Evert,

I'd like to specify the behavior of Ovelap analysis and Column manager in table.

The columns created by Overlap analysis are made visible if the gridview for query table is open. Otherwise one has to make it visible manually.

There has been the change of making fields visible. As you probably noticed, you can't see non-visible fields in Customize widget settings dialog. The field can be add by Modify Fields button or in table menu select Open Column Manager entry.