Using structure table coming from a different schema

User c6388a069b

14-05-2012 09:35:27


I would like to see structures already hosted in a different oracle schema A than mine that is B. I know that it's necessary to give some priviledge to my schema B on A.JCHEMPROPERTIES and also on  A.JCHEMPROPERTIES_CR. What type of priviledges have to be assigned (select is not sufficient) ? Is it necessary also to do some other action? Thanks Fabio

ChemAxon fa971619eb

14-05-2012 09:41:55

Hi Fabio,

You will need select, insert, update and delete privs on the JCHEMPROPERTIES and JCHEMPROPERTIES_CR tables. You will also need to grant appropriate privs on the structure table and/or index tables. Exactly what depends on whether you are using JChem cartridge or JChem base tables.