How to compare sdf file contents with database

User 1b64124363

03-05-2012 07:32:05

How to compare sdf file contents with database file to print output in browser in php

ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

03-05-2012 09:12:58

In Instant JChem there is the Overlap Analysis functionality which you can use to compare two DB entities. From what I understand you use JChem and Marvin libraries?  Maybe you could recursively search every entry in a SD file against the DB by using duplicate search - something is here .

As output you mean graphical representation of structures? I'm realy not sure of this. I know that there certainly is the Marvin applet which might be used for showing and drowing the structures on the web page. Is this what you want to accomplish? They could know more about it in Drawing and Visualization forum: .