exporting/importing of the schema with fields

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I'm sorry, so very many questions from me lately, but I really want to understand this wonderful product! :)

I have a database where I created all the fields that I need and I need several such databases with similar fields - can I export the schema with fields and then can it  be imported into the new database? when I use Tool/experimental/export(import) into the new database calculated fieldswith the scripts are not imported, although they are present in document xml where imported the schema.

if I just copy the folder containing the files of the project, open it and remove all the lines - the further addition of data - their numbers on the field сdid not going with the first issue but with the past deleted . For example, if I delete all the rows and then add a new one, its number is not 1, but 567 if the last deleted record was number 566.


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The best solution at the moment is probably create a new project and before starting to import create all fields you want to have in the schema. Then you can copy the project(or make a full DB buckup) and start from "scratch".

These schema import/export functions does not handle calculated or chemical term fields.

That is right numbering continues where did it end regardles the rows are deleted or not.

Similar issue with porting projects is discussed at this forum thread: https://www.chemaxon.com/forum/ftopic8201.html .


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28-03-2012 08:00:08

Thanks for answer!