Error Log File

User f7fd3e897c

12-03-2012 21:46:04

I am creating a database of 38810 compounds.


While I tried to edit the structure and other Chemical Terms I get this error frequently.

An error has occurred. However, the system should continue working.
Check Instant JChem log file located in your C:\Documents and Settings\giribio\Application Data\.instantjchem\ijc_5_5\var\log folder for more details.

Please let me know the solution.




ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

13-03-2012 12:38:59

It seems that you have updated older distribution to the 5.9 version, right? There was a probem with the updatecenter. Could you please uninstall this version and make fresh installation of IJC 5.9 using proper *.exe installer or zip file.

I'm sorry for this inconvenience.