Sub Structural search through JME Editor

User 1b64124363

09-03-2012 05:14:20

Hello sir

I want a develop a GUI for instant jchem. I am working on PHP n MYSQL. I want to make a web page using JME editor so that we can do sub structural search easily using web page. Plz tell me how to connect JME Editor with Mysql database in instant jchem.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

12-03-2012 08:56:49

Hi, this isn't really related to IJC, more a question of how to do web development.

IJC can certainly be used to create and manage the tables, and then you build a web application to provide an alternative mechanism of access. Most of this would be standard web development, and you say you are doing this in PHP. The bits that would be related to ChemAxon tools would be how to perform structure searches, which you would do with the JChem API, the main class being JChemSearch: />A general overview on JChemBase can be found here:

You say you want to use JME for displaying strucutres. This would work fine, but not being a ChemAxon product, we could not provide any support for it. The ChemAxon tool for displaying structures in web pages is Marvin Applets:

Alterantively you might want to look at some of the ChemAxon demo web apps as these might already do what you need: