standardizer greyed out in Instant JChem

User 4ff37a99cd

08-03-2012 13:31:52

Dear developers,

We have an academic license, allowing the use of Standardizer (B/S/P/E/Standard, server use not allowed) in standalone mode.  However, when I try to access this functionality in iJChem, the option is greyed out, also when opening an sdf-file that is located on my desktop (Project: localdb). Could we get the standalone version of Standardizer to work in IJChem (v 5.9.0)? This is the first time we are looking into Standardizer, so I haven't checked whether it was functional in previous versions of IJChem.

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ChemAxon 3b366b17e5

08-03-2012 16:45:45

Can you check whether or not license for standartizer is installed? You can also try to reinstall license. Details about licenses in IJC are available at:


User 4ff37a99cd

09-03-2012 09:46:09

Thanks for your reply. The license file had been installed and Standardizer is valid and cheched as valid under product license details. To be sure, I have reinstalled the license file, but to no avail. Still not working. I have attached a screen shot of the license window.

ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

12-03-2012 17:45:37

The standalone version of standardizer is present within JChem package. However the Standardize... menu item in IJC is grayed out because it can be run only with a standardizer file. You need to create a new standardizer file (File -> New File... choose Standardizers, next and finnish) in order to standardize a file or a table(Entity). Edit it according your needs and click save. If you would like to standardize a file r-click on a standardizer file and Standardize... or select it and choose Chemistry -> Standardize... not greyed out any more?

The help page for IJC Standardizer:

Animation about usage in IJC:

And the presentation wich explains it in little more theoretical details(ie. xml syntax):

Let me know if you have some problems with this.


User 4ff37a99cd

13-03-2012 12:58:11

Dear Filip,

This seems to work! Many thanks for helping us getting started. Cheers, Boris