drop cartridge index

User 55ffa2f197

02-03-2012 17:41:09


I like to drop cartridge index, and rebuild it. In the past I did this in SQLPlus using drop index idname. I noticed that through IJC as admim you can delete the index. But somehow the delete is grayed out for me.

Also once I initiate the index building can I shut down IJC client without affecting indexing job.

Just want to find alternative/best preactice way of doing these chores.



ChemAxon 9c0afc9aaf

02-03-2012 18:02:32

I have moved this question to the Instant JChem section.

We will respond here soon.



ChemAxon fa971619eb

02-03-2012 18:05:03

IJC does not currently provide ways of dropping cartridge indexes or adding them, only creating/droping the table ande index together. Your best approach is to do this using SQL.Information of creating jchem cartridge indexes can be found here: http://www.chemaxon.com/jchem/doc/dev/cartridge/index.html#index

IJC should be disconnected while you do this.


User 55ffa2f197

02-03-2012 18:15:07

Thanks Tim