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29-02-2012 13:31:21


as described in my previous post I have a project based on two entities, with a 1:many relationship between them. One entity contains the structure and substance name, the other biological data. I am using the table widget on a form to display the data. Each structure has data for many different assays.  I have been trying to filter on the table widget by adding a query condition on the assay name, because I am interested only in one particular assay. However the form always brings back all data.

I have also tried to use the option to switch between "selection" and "current results". I am actually puzzled by this because I am not sure what it's doing...It just shows me one row of the child entity. What I would like to have is all rows with results for that particular assays and that particular structure.

How do I set this up?



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01-03-2012 13:01:12

Hi Anna,

I'm working on the problem you have mentioned and trying to find the cause of it. I come back to you as soon as I know the answer. 

Therms "selection" and "current results" determine what the widget (table) shows. "Current results" choice is showing all the rows fullfilling the query. "Selection" shows only rows which has been selected in an other multi-row widget (most often in charts). Also note that selections can be different in parent and child entities.
These options doesn't solve your problem at all.

I'm sorry for inconvinience.


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01-03-2012 13:36:14

Hi Anna,

wrt. to Curretn Result vs. Selection (and layering of data in general) the following documention provides more information:

Let us know if something is not clear there.


- Martin

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01-03-2012 18:45:28

Comming back wrt to the searching issue on the child table. Unfortunately there is currently no solution how to fix this. We are going to fix it in some future version, but I'm not sure if this is real for 5.10.

Thanks for patience.


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01-09-2012 13:11:06


I found out how this can be setup. You would need to setup a Datatree from the entity with biological data, similarly as you see it in Wombat (activities view in our demo data project). Then it is possible to search according an assay type. The Table widget can be bound to multiple entities since IJC 5.10. Ie. You can add there also structure fields (and other fields) from the parent entity. Means that you see both, data from different entities clearly, in one widget. This is only workaround but it should work immediately in contrary to "original feature in the pipeline" -ISIS result filter. Have I wrot  it clear? Will this be usable for you.

Hope it helps.