how to convert structure to CAS and copy part entries to ano

User 6ba4d9dd23

17-02-2012 16:57:35


I am trying to convert the structure to CAS by choosing CAS from "NEW Chemical terms" box (attachment 1), but it is not working.

Is it possible to copy part of entries (like in attachment 2 from entry 41 to enry 45)  to another project?



ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

21-02-2012 06:33:08


I'm afraid we currently don't support direct conversion to CAS. I'll try to ask my colleagues if there is another possibility e.g. scripting or to use a webservice for this. Otherway around works just fine if you import file with CAS numbers directly in import dialog.

As for copying, you can copy selected area to clipboard and paste it in another project in place of selected fields if fields are editable. Note that CdId,Mol Weight, Formula are automatically generated non-editable fields. If you'd like to copy whole rows, I recommend to search them(e.g. by using between on CdId column), export them and import to another project.



User 6ba4d9dd23

21-02-2012 16:02:03


Thanks for your reply. That means if I want to copy rows, I have to export and import to another project.  I can not just copy and paste rows to other project, is that right?


ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

21-02-2012 18:47:57

Not necessarily. The true is that you can not paste whole row at once as a new row in another project. But it is possible to copy and paste e.g. structures and other columns which have allowed modifications in the new project(not those one I've mentioned in the last post).

In order to copy several structures, select them in source project, create new (empty) rows in target project and select an area of structure column of the same size as in source project. See attached images.

This can be useful for copying several structures, but transfer of all data can not be guaranteed(not all columns has to be shown).

For copying bigger amount of whole rows you can flag each row you want to copy(e.g. by adding new discrete text field) and search those at ones. Export and import are simple procedures at the end of migration process between projects.

Hope it helps!