Chart : Y axe, percentage instead of count

User 2b2c2ee399

15-02-2012 16:03:19


I'm using the chart representation for a given descriptors (e.g Molecular weight) and I'll like to know if it is possible to plot the percentage of data on the Y axe instead of the count ?

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ChemAxon 99d87cf303

15-02-2012 17:56:19

Hi. This is not possible at the moment. But you might see the percentage for particular histogram bins when you move the mouse cursor over the bin. The percentage will then be shown in the tool tip together with exact number of items in the bin.

My guess is that implementation of this feature (relative frequencies on the Y-axis) should be relatively easy. I'll file an RFE into our issue tracker and will let you know here when it is available. It cannot be done for upcoming 5.9 (which is feature frozen), so nearest release will be IJC 5.10.

Thanks for the feedback/idea.
- Martin

User 2b2c2ee399

16-02-2012 10:27:50


Thank you for your answer. Indeed, an implementation of the frequency can be really helpful.