Crashed IJC

User ece72b21c8

13-02-2012 12:04:13


while exporting the half of the content of a IJC project to a xls file, the program is crashed. When I try to open IJC again, the program is not able to open the project. It is written "schema broken" when I double click it occeurs a new window that asks for a name and password. Firstly I can't even type in this field and secondly I don't have a password.

Do you know what I can do to get my data back?


Yours sincerely,


ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

13-02-2012 17:03:06

Hi Andreas,

I have never experienced this error and have no idea what could happened. I would need more information about it. Is it reproducible with other projects or it just occured ones? What version of IJC do you use?(etc.) Can you please send me the log file? How to dig log file and other useful information is described on this page 

Thanks in advance.


User ece72b21c8

15-02-2012 07:34:53

Hello Filip,

this problem orrured the very first time. Unfortunately, with my bigest project.

I was going to produce an excel xls file with all the data in that project ( about 120 000 substances). It took a lot of time so I' ve done the entire process on a virtuel computer. After some time I wanted to check the progress and noticed that IJC was closed. I reopened IJC and got just this strange window where I was supposed to enter a password.

Attached to this message you find the information about the version and the logfile

In other projects I just noticed that when I wanted to export the data to a xls file, that it failed when the whole process was over and it just produced a file with zero information.



ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

16-02-2012 11:03:45

Hello Andreas,

we have figured out that the problem is in schema settings and thus it cannot connect to db. The real cause remains still unknown because the stacktrace is not written to the log file. Please try to connect ones again and in the login dialog click on the Details... button, afterwards send us the log file.

120 000 structures is quite a lot and it's possible that maximux memory limit was exceeded.

Another solution would be if you could share the project with us, we might be able to get it working. If you are interested in this kind of help and you can send the broken projet do it via email to fzimandl(at)

Thanks, Filip