Connectivity problem in Instant jchem

User 0e345a0616

08-02-2012 08:27:11

I have installed MYSQL 5.0 , but it is giving an error "Could not start the service error:0"

I am uploading the snapshot of the following error.

Plz solve my query, it is urgent


User 0e345a0616

08-02-2012 08:32:15

A from my last post , i am also sending you one more error file which is placed in data folder...showing you its complete path


C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\data


In data folder i am getting only 2 folders named Test and  Mysql and one error file "monica. err" file. This file containing the follwing error


120208  0:13:50  InnoDB: Error: unable to create temporary file;

errno: 22
120208  0:13:50 [ERROR] Default storage engine (InnoDB) is not

120208  0:13:50 [ERROR] Aborting

120208  0:13:50 [Note] C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server

5.0\bin\mysqld-nt: Shutdown complete


ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

08-02-2012 08:58:07


this is not an IJC problem and you would get better answer from a MySQL expert. Anyway I've searched for "Could not start the service error:0" and found many threads concerning this problem. Suggested solutions are follows:
A. Updating environment path.
B. Rebooting an trying to run the service.
C. Someone was successful with older MySQL 4.2.

I would check the environment path at first, from the answers I've found it seems that it's broken somehow( style="font-size: small; line-height: 17px; text-align: -webkit-auto;">). Also check that you have proper permissions for installing programs and services(under administrator it should be OK).


User 0e345a0616

09-02-2012 05:17:06


I'm trying to run MySQL 5.0 on WinXP SP2. It has been running fine in
the past, but now displays the following error when starting the Windows


Could not start the MySQL service. Error 0: