Tracking Instant JChem downloads via Java Webstart

User 9aa4619393

01-02-2012 15:30:05


is there a way to keep track of who has downloaded instant JChem via Java Webstart? Or at least how many times it has been downloaded?



ChemAxon 6848e723bb

01-02-2012 16:22:12

Hi Anna,

if you use the custom Java Web Start deployment, you should see this information in your webserver logs. The file is downloaded only if there is a new version deployed.

For generating statistics from the logs, various tools exist, e.g. AWStats or Webalizer.


ChemAxon fa971619eb

01-02-2012 18:25:39

Hi Anna,

also note that since IJC 5.8 the number of times a user logs in to a database is recorded in the IJC_USER table.

You might find this more convenient than monitoring JWS usage.


User 9aa4619393

03-02-2012 11:09:08


thanks for the answers.

I think I would like to monitor both.

 I would like to know how many people download the application. I got the access.log file from our server admin and it contains entries like these: - - [20/Jan/2012:11:47:03 +0100] "GET /UrlWebApp/master.jnlp HTTP/1.1" 404 219 - - [20/Jan/2012:11:48:02 +0100] "GET /UrlWebApp/master.jnlp HTTP/1.1" 200 1292

Now I suppose this is when the user clicked on the link I sent them to get the application. How about when I deploy a new version? As I understand it the client checks whenever you start it if there is a new version. If so it downloads it. Does this get recorded somewhere? I am afraid I wouldn't see this in the Apache log file...

Tim, the other feature you mentioned is very useful, especially for databases where we need to know how many users we have for licensing reasons.




ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

03-02-2012 14:50:59

Hi Anna

There is one difference in webserver access log file when new version is deployed. If the user has already run new version there will be no access to file(unlike JNLPInstaller.jar which is always there). It's only accessed when there is no "cache copy" of deployed version on client side- usually only first time or when new version is deployed. 

Filip Z.