Attaching PDF files to blob fields

User f67d4188b6

30-01-2012 11:08:18

Hi, i am trying to attach pdf materialspec sheets to a Chemicals table.

To attach an image (png, jpeg etc) is dead easy, but anything that does not have an image-mimetype does not seems to work.
Adding them as URL is not going to work very well in our situation for 2 reasons: A: we use a mix of macs and windows, and the mappings to shared storage is different. B: it is cumbersome and thus will not be done by lazy people :-)

Is there a way to do this more conveniently, or can a pdf mimetype be added ? (please!)

ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

31-01-2012 11:06:22

Hi, pdf files in binary fields are not currently supported.

There is one possible workaround using button widgets and scripts if it would be appropriate for you? By clicking the button would open an external pdf vievew and showed the file.

We are going to look at this issue and try to implement it right in the application in some future version - probably 5.10.

Please let us know if the script solution would be appropriate for you.

User f67d4188b6

31-01-2012 13:07:15

I am now trying a workaround using dynamic URLs, one for macs and one for windows (as the path to the shared storage is different), then show either one of those in a gridview. Not perfect, but we can live with it for the moment.