Is there a way to convert all structures in data baseto name

User 6ba4d9dd23

17-12-2011 01:02:41


Is there a simple way to convert all structures in my data base to name ? Thanks

User 421219f4d4

18-12-2011 16:00:30

@cpuhan - you can convert all the sturcutres into their IUPAC name by adding a chemical term. Go to Chemical terms menu and add IUPAC name.

This can be done as shown in the attached image.

This is how I do it. 

User 6ba4d9dd23

18-12-2011 22:54:41

got it. Thanks

ChemAxon fa971619eb

19-12-2011 08:59:27

Do note that to do this you need the appropriate licence to use the structure to name plugin.