Licence Problem in multiuser enviornment

User 1b64124363

13-12-2011 04:43:53

Hello sir,

We have buyed licence for instant jchem for 5 users...After installing this licence it is working fine for 2 users but for others it is giving problem in sub structural search in connection with database. When doing sub structural search, for some groups it is giving the fine results but for others it is giving the error "This license has not  valid" for eg. when we add any group with benzene, it is giving the invalid licence error..i will add it snapshot.

And after installing the licence in other system it is not showing the full licence key icon in folder. May be that is the problem. i will show u its snap shot also.

User 1b64124363

13-12-2011 04:44:33

Other file is dere

ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

13-12-2011 13:36:15

Hi Seerat,

there is known issue with licence in IJC 5.6.0

This was already solved in IJC Can you please upgrade to a newer version? 5.6.0.x versions doesn't need table upgrade from 5.6.0, so the update should be painless.

This is possible explanation, but not only ones. Please let us know if it helps.