Can no longer Open a Shared Database

User 8ad6931a80

29-11-2011 14:07:09


I have a number of deployed shared database configs in my profile.  But I can't seem to add any new ones.  Configs that are already deployed are working fine but new ones just don't appear.

Also when I try to view existing configs in the Options/Miscellaneous/Sahred tab, IJC hangs.

version  5.5.1

Please advise,



ChemAxon 3b366b17e5

30-11-2011 14:35:39

I cannot reproduce your problems. What do you mean by IJC hangs? IJC has crashed or IJC main window was not repainted? How many shared configs are deployed to your client? Can you attach instantjchem.log file? It's accessible via View->Instant JChem Log file.

User 8ad6931a80

01-12-2011 14:33:47

What I mean is, the Shared tab window is unable to open and the program fails to respond to any interaction  and I have to close via task manager.  I have around 20 configs deployed.  When I try to deploy a new one the url is validated, but the config is not deployed in my Projects window.

Let me know your e-mail address and I will send you my log file.



ChemAxon 3b366b17e5

01-12-2011 16:06:30

Please send me to log file to pzajac at email.  To have threads dump  will be more useful. Threads dumb can be generated by presing CTRL+BREAK when instantchem is run from console. More details how to generate threads dump are available at