ChemDraw OLE import into IJC

User 421219f4d4

22-11-2011 09:51:06


I have a word document which contains some alpha-numeric data and structures (in ChemDraw OLE format ) in a table (word table). I want to import them into IJC. Is there any way other than copying each record manually and entering them into IJC?


ChemAxon fa971619eb

23-11-2011 14:30:01

I think the only simple way is to copy and paste.

It might somehow be possible to "export" the data from the word document (e.g. using Visual Basic) in such a way that it can be imported into IJC. But I expect that this would be hard to do.


User 421219f4d4

23-11-2011 18:24:34

Copy and paste it is then... 

Thanks Tim