how to creat a sheet on form views

User 511751460d

16-11-2011 04:41:56


I  manage our lab's chemicals by instant jchem.

How  to creat  sheets on form views like the attachment show





ChemAxon fa971619eb

17-11-2011 14:41:26

Hi, it seems you wnat to record multiple lots of each structure. To do this its best to use a relational model, with one table containing the structures a seond table containing the lot information. You would have a one-to-many relationship between the two tables, with one strucutre having many lots.

I'm not sure if you are entering the information manually or have data files that you need to import. But either way the basic approach could look like this:


1. In the projects window open the database you want, right click on it and choose 'New data tree and structure table'

2. Right click on that new data tree and chosoe 'New detail table'

3. Open the schema editor by double clicking on the database node in the project window

4. In the entities section locate the 2 newly created entities and add any additional fields you want to use.

5. Create a new form for the data tree and add widgets to it to show the data (there will be no data yet)

6. Add new rows to each table as appropriate.

Alternatively if you already have the data in files then you would improt the data into the database as two separate entities) and then create a relationship between them, define a data tree with the strucutre table as the parent and the data table as the child, and then create the form.

These links should help:





User 511751460d

18-11-2011 16:00:42

Thanks very much

Sorry I do not have a clear description of the problem.

I actually want to only show  each structure's own related information in one sheet which can not include other structures'  informations.



we have many chemicals ,one of those might be bought from different suppliers,so it may have different price or different purity and so on.

 I neet to relate it own these different information in one table. 


User 511751460d

20-11-2011 07:29:25

By the way you described, I solved the problem


Thanks very much.