Instant JChem using URLs

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09-11-2011 07:35:07

how to access data

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09-11-2011 07:39:40

how can we access data using URLs.. i have shared my project and i have generated the URl this


but i am not getting where i have to copy all the files like  UrlWebApp and Jws_url in web server...i am using Apache Tomcat web server and mysql database..please send me some simple steps

ChemAxon 3b366b17e5

09-11-2011 16:43:24


Deployment shared projects to local filesystem (accessible file file://...) doesn't make sense. You need to deploy it to your webserver:

1)  Deply UrlWebApp.war file to tomcat webser -   copy UrlWebApp.war
to $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps, then access

2) After that you need to do these steps

  1. Download
    from here.
    This file also contains the InstantJChem Java Web Start distribution.

  2. Unzip the downloaded file to the folder:

    The folder (${HOME}/.instantjchem/jnlpwebApp) can be configured
    using the property in this WebApplication's WEB-INF/web.xml file (this means
    you need to unzip the UrlWebApp.war file, edit the web.xml file, and then re-zip the files
    to recreate the UrlWebApp.war file).

  3. Copy the ChemAxon license file to:


  4. If you forward all http request from other webserver (e.g. Apache,
    IIS, Lighttpd) to java webserver with the deployed UrlWebApp.war
    then you need to update the locations of the web pages from the other web
    server in the file


    For example the location of the IJC URL demo web application on Chemaxon web site is,
    so the content of file is


3) You can now deploy the shared project to webserver by copying <your_prj>.ijp and <your_prj>.ijp files to  ${HOME}/.instantjchem/jnlpwebApp/data/

The shared project is now availabe at URL:<your_prj>.jnlp

Details about installation of UrlWebApp and deploying projects are described in

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11-11-2011 07:35:09


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11-11-2011 08:59:19

Plz check the attached file

ChemAxon 3b366b17e5

12-11-2011 12:23:02

Sorry for so late answer. I installed jws with UrlWebAppllication without any problem on Windows XP today.  Did you edited the 





contain content of It then contains these folder:






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14-11-2011 09:13:54

In the path        c://instantjchem/jnlpwebApp/


Where to get this folder


ChemAxon 3b366b17e5

15-11-2011 08:28:39

You need to create the c://instantjchem/jnlpwebApp/ and then unpack the

It's pretty strange that it's located in the c:/instantjchem folder. The default folder is in home directory of tomcat user. It can be modified in web.xml of deployed application.

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17-11-2011 09:03:10

CAn u araange webex meeting for setting up URl

ChemAxon 3b366b17e5

17-11-2011 10:15:18

Are you able to arrange webex meeting? What time do you prefer? Today is holiday in Czech republic. I'm in GMT +1 timezone. We can do it also via skype. Skype allows to share screen too. 

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18-11-2011 10:38:15

Thanks for your reply Sir.I can't arrange webex meeting .You try to arrange it. and in my office i am using Desktop having no webcam. If without webcam skype is helpful thn i will install it and we will arrange meeting on monday at 11:45AM Indian time.

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25-11-2011 07:29:46

If you still need help contact me on skype. My user name is petrzajac76. I think that skype is good enough for it.Excuse me that I answered so late.