help on warning message

User 8fbca62edf

08-11-2011 08:03:35

Please, I have bought the chemaxon IJC but it do not work well because the calculation pack is installed in the evaluation manner by the messages the sofware sent went we need some calculus. Moreover when the software is launch, i have the following message: see the attachment file.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

08-11-2011 08:41:17

The error message suggests that the software has not installed or upgraded correctly. Assuming you are using the installer that you downloaded, I think you should uninistall, download the latest installer from here:

and then re-install. Before re-installing can you also delete you IJC 'Userdir' (this is used for settings and upgrades etc) and is most likely to be found at a location like this:
(replace <username> with your real Windows loginname).

Also, to be 100% same delete the installation dir if it reamins after uninstalling. The location should be:
C:\Program Files\ChemAxon\InstantJChem.

Once you have done this re-install with the latest installer.


User 8fbca62edf

15-11-2011 08:52:12

please, do we download separately the calculation pack or with the IJC once?

thanks for your answers.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

15-11-2011 09:00:37

Calculation pack is a license. You do not need to download any extra software.

Once you have the license you can install it using the license manager (Help -> Licenses). Once the license is installed all the calculations should be enabled.