Working list removed when dissconnecting

User e05b1833aa

20-10-2011 05:16:59


The Working List concept is great. However, I noted that it is reset (emptied) when disconnecting from a database. Is there a reason for this? I think it would be useful if it coud be preserved throughout (I am aware that one always can convert it to a permanent list, and then disconnect, but still...).



ChemAxon e189db4705

20-10-2011 07:57:36

Hi Evert,

yes, we are aware of this. Working list's values are lost when schema is disconnected or IJC restarted, because the working list is only one of temporary lists. The reason for this approach was that temporary lists are possible to change quickly without touching database... and it's supposed that working list is changing often.

The idea for solving the problem you reported was that working list can be handled like a modified file - if working list was modified after last saving then user will get a dialog before exiting IJC: "Working list for Structures1 table was modified. Do you want to make it permanent?". Or possibly we can convert modified working lists automatically to permanent before disconnecting. And then maybe set these stored values to the working list again after connecting.


User efcd8bb06c

21-10-2011 16:32:32

I have saved lists to permanent lists but I cannot access them, while I am in the entitiy I created lists. Could you please tell me where they are located?


Andrew K

ChemAxon e189db4705

21-10-2011 16:50:13

Lists are accessible in Lists & Queries panel when you have form/datatree opened. Possibly you don't need to open the form, but form/gridview or datatree must be selected in project explorer; then switch the tab to see Lists&Queries.

Is your form/datatree relational (I mean is it built from more database tables)? There could be a confusion in this area as lists are always per entity (each entity has its own working list).

Can you describe the steps how to see this problem? We tested it and it works for us. Or possibly attach screenshot, please.