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User 7b0ee04e66

13-10-2011 09:20:51


We are trying to read a system date time stamp into IJC via an Oracle trigger but the timestamp is not displayed in the date field.  It is important that we track the system time stamp in our database.

We also have date timestamps which we need to import into a date field but the time element of the data doesn't appear to be read by IJC. 

We have tried to reset the format from the default to the format dd/MM/yyy HH:mm:ss for the date field but only 00:00:00 values are displayed in the time element and not the specific times which can be viewed in Oracle.

Is there a solution for this?

Thanks in advance,

Catherine & Mike.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

13-10-2011 10:50:28

Hi Catherine,

Currently dates are displayed only as the day, month, year components, not the time of day.
You are wanting the hours mins and seconds part as well?
If so then we'll need to make improvements to allow this.

In the meantime it might be worth looking at what happens if you display the field with a text field widget rather than the date widget.


User 7b0ee04e66

13-10-2011 12:36:40

Hi Tim

Yes, this would be very useful.

We have been asked to store parameters which are monitored every hour during the day, the data looks like this

23/08/2011  15:21:35

When we import it into Oracle (into a TimeStamp data field) using the IJC Import functionality, it loses the time, so becomes midnight.

It would be important for us to be able to import data with time and also be able to display and search using the between date functionality (to draw graphs)


Catherine & Mike



ChemAxon fa971619eb

13-10-2011 16:58:29

Hi Catherine,

Thanks for the extra info. We've now got it on our plans.

BTW, did you try to display with text renderer rather than date?