How to add an image with hyper link to the table

User a92fed3a15

21-09-2011 15:15:20

I am playing with Form design and I
could not figure out to manipulate the UI.  I would like to display an image
with a hyper link inside the table data instead of displaying raw data.    If the
fiel_id is null, I would like to display nothing.




href="/speed/web/hdwn/html/blank.html?mode=attach&file_id=xxx" title="View
Report"><img src="httpd://webserver/imgs/icons/excel.png" border="0"


IJC version: 5.5.1

ChemAxon fa971619eb

23-09-2011 05:40:20

Hi Yasushi,

Could I ask how this is to work, so that we have a better understanding of what you are looking for.

You are wanting to generate a URL (using a URL field?), but not have it disaplyed as the hyperlink text, but instead have an icon (excel.png) that acts as a hyperlink? This was the icon will be displayed on the form, and when you click on it the URL is opened in a web broweser?

If so then I don't think there is any direct way of doing this, but some ways that come quite close. We can look into how to get this working.

Please could you confirm the details.


User b6c5a13d65

27-11-2012 15:20:31


Here is what I would like to do but could not figure out yet.

I would like to create a column in which I could add data, in an image format (.png) which is then hyperlinked to our server where we keep all theses images either as separate image documents or as an image in an excel document.

Is this possible?

Many thanks



ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

30-11-2012 00:30:52

Hi, if I understand correctly, you want to show images from a URL? It can be done by creating a URL field and setting renderer to Browser renderer on that field. Then simply copy the URLs (can be over http or on local HDD - more in the docs) to that field.

Please refer to the documentation for URL fields:

A basic overview of different renderers can be found:

I'm attaching a screenshot showing Browser Renderer settings on URL field in Table widget settings.

Please let us know if this is what do you want to achieve and if it helps...


User b6c5a13d65

30-11-2012 12:26:10

Hi Filip,

Yes it helps thanks.

But I am not quite where I want to be. So here is what I succeeded: I created a new URL field  (Static, type.jpg) And modified the widgets settings to Browser Renderer. Then I am able to add the link to a file by witing file:///C:.... then the image is diplayed in the box and I can open the image when I click and press Crtl.

So that´s great, but what I then tried was to link a .xlsx document which contains some data and the image that I would like to see displayed. So I added the file location, and when I click on the link it is actually able to open the Excel file but it does not display anything. Is there a way I could display an image (which could be a .jpg file for example) but keep my link to the actual document (as an Excel file)?


ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

30-11-2012 13:32:25

This is unfortunatelly not possible as I know and honestly can't imagine, how it would work. For example what image to load if there is more images in the xlsx file?
I'm afraid that the only way how to show the images in IJC is to extract them from excel files.

Images can be also stored in the database in form of binary fields.


User 815446f6ef

30-11-2012 13:36:33

In this case I think what I will do is probably have 2 columns. One with the image and the other with the link to find the document where the image is storred.

Many thanks for your help!