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15-09-2011 00:12:27


I am testing v5.5.1 and would like to suppress some fields listed in export windows.  It looks like this version lists all available fields found in datatree and also all sub tables defined with relationship, but I would like to knock out many fields such as primary keys etc and also column order only for export.  Could you tell me how  I can achive this? 

Then, we have a three types of forms : structure, compound[structure_id + salt], and batch. And, each table is foreign key relationship to each other and IJC relationships are added. When I query in compond, somehow, I cannot export structure to the file. if I choose sdf file to export, it does not recoginze sructure or smiles field on structure table.  If I select excel file, it shows structure icon in data field on strucuture table, but when I export the data, not images are found.

It is only allows exporting structure for the query result with structure query form (structure query directly onto structure table) even if strucuture query is functioning on compound query form. Could you tell me how I can export structure indexed in smiles field?

We are developing a query form with shared project as IJC JWS solution.



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15-09-2011 06:49:57

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15-09-2011 07:39:26

Hi Yasushi,

On your first point, the fields that are exported can be specified in the export wizard. By default all fields in the parent table and no fields from child tables are included. But you can easily change this. Note that if you include fields from the child level they are 'flattened out' and become properties of the parent, as is needed by the SDF, CSV... file formats.

On your second point I think we are refering to export of data when structures are at a child level? If so, in IJC 5.5 structure export (e.g. to SDF) is only supported when structures are at the parent level. In IJC 5.6 there are some improvements here and you can select the structure from the child table where this is approprite. IJC 5.6 is close to release. You can look at it here

Finally, if you want a automated (one click) export with a predefined format you can achieve this using a script. Write the script to export just the fields you want in the way you want. There are example scripts in the demo project and here