Multiple users - local database stored on network volume

User 8cb40c7a65

07-09-2011 10:15:24

Instant JChem for Mac, version 5.5.1 - academic research license

I am using IJC to keep a database of the chemicals we have in our lab. Ideally, individual users (about 10) would be able to access this database on a network volume. Is this possible with a local database? At the moment it appears as if two users can not access the database at the same time. What would be the best (easiest) way to go?

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

07-09-2011 10:26:32

From the academic pacage license there is no way to share databases because the license does not include sharing. To share remote databases (because even a local database forĀ  "computer A" is a remote access from "computer B".

Perhaps Tim has other comments but the reason the license is not included is because for academic research the license is personal and so not for sharing.

I expect a commercial (academic discounted) license is probably going to be your solution


ChemAxon fa971619eb

07-09-2011 10:31:50

Local databases are not designed to be sahred. That's why only a single person can access at a time.

What you probably need is a network database (Oracle or MySQL) which will support multi-user access. For this you will need an IJC Enterprise licenses (see Alex's post).


User 8cb40c7a65

07-09-2011 13:13:54

I see. Thank you for the very quick reply!

Oracle/MySQL network database sounds complicated, I will let the users copy the database to their computers instead.