Chart with data from multiple tables

User 169b52bbd8

06-09-2011 00:24:40

Dear All,

I have a database with multiple tables (one for compounds, one for NMR data, one for SPR data, etc).  I would like to create a plot with data taken from two tables (eg Kd measured by SPR vs Kd measured by NMR).  Is this currently possible?  The chart Wizard only seems to let me select columns from a single entity.



ChemAxon fa971619eb

07-09-2011 07:38:35

Hi David,

you are right that chart widgets (and other widgets) only read data from a single entity (table). We are hoping to remove this limation at some stage.

In the meantime you have the following options:

1. use a calculated feild to pull in the data from other tables into the main one. This will work, but it may not perform adequately - you will have to try it to find out.

2. create a view in the database combining the columns into a single view. Then you can promote the view to an entity in IJC and it will have all the data you need. This will work for plain data tables - you won't be able to include structures and search them correctly (in IJC 5.6 this will be possible if you are using JChem cartridge).


User 283813f0a1

30-11-2012 10:15:47

Hi Tim,


what is the current status on this, is it now possible to combine data from different tables in one chart directly or I would have to use one of the two approaches you mention (calculated fields or promoting a combined view to an entity)?

I am currently using 5.9.4 but could upgrade, I do not think we have the cartridge option (what is it?), and anyway we would like to have structures involved as well, is it possible now?




ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

05-12-2012 11:10:50

Hi Grigory,

No currently this is not possible to do directly.

I think that the calculated fields option fits best for your demands.

The DB view option allows you to include the structures, but without the JChem cartridge only for visualization, not for searching or property (Chem Terms Field) calculations.

JChem Cartridge is a Data Cartridge for Oracle database. It is an extension which implements chemistry functions (indexing structures in the DB) directly in the database server. It's one of the Chemaxon's stand-alone products which is particularly useful for handling big data. If it is present on Oracle server, IJC can benefit from it and provide exteded functionalities such as structure handling on standard tables (non JChem structure tables).
This description  is only rough simplification. Please see the product page for more relevant information: